Las Vegas Best Pool Service knows it’s hard keeping cool in Las Vegas. Public pools and pools at the casinos get crowded fast and often quickly become loud and riotous. That’s why your home pool is your own private desert oasis. Your pool is your source of relaxation and fun for you and your family. By keeping your pool properly maintained it’ll keep you cool for a long time.

Proper maintenance is more than just fishing leaves out and adding chlorine. When you want your pool looking as good as those on the Las Vegas Strip, you need Las Vegas Best Pool Service. We have already been cleaning, maintaining, and fixing pools and now we want you to have the best pool service in Las Vegas, too. We take care of any size and any issue faster and more cost efficient than anyone else.
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Experienced Pool Technicians 

It takes more than just luck to keep your pool looking great. You need a team of experienced pool service technicians who know how to keep your water blue and your system running like new. Other companies charge you just to show up. We are your all-in-one pool care experts. We offer many great services to take care of all your swimming pool concerns and needs.

Las Vegas Best Pool Service can handle any size or shape swimming pool. From small splash pools to big commercial pools, our Best Pool Service takes care of it fast! Because we offer pool service from the strip to your home, you’re getting only the best in quality pool care. We’re the local pool experts, servicing Henderson, NV, Las Vegas proper, and North Las Vegas, NV. We’re fast, efficient, and affordable and can get your pool looking great fast! Call or email us today (702) 903-3001


las vegas pool service

The best pool care company

The best pool care companies do all of their own repairs themselves. Discount pool companies sub their repairs out to the cheapest labor they can find. But when you use Las Vegas Best Pool Service you’re getting quality pool maintenance from experienced and trained professionals who are passionate about what they do! We can fix any pool in your area for less. You aren’t paying the bill we’re floating from someone else. We’re using the same great reliable technicians from our own team every time.

You can also make use of solar rings or pool covers to stop algae from growing inside your pool and these solar rings also act as a passive source of heating your swimming pool.

Cleaning your pool, the right way is more than just dumping chemicals in. Some competitors just make sure to throw a chlorine tab in each week and then leave, Not Las Vegas Best Pool Service. We clean your pool the right way each time. We make sure your pool’s chemicals are properly balanced, whether you use chlorine or salt. We also maintain your swimming pool filter to make sure it stays running for a long time. Nothing burns your equipment out faster than a clogged filter, and our team keeps it clear.
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Pool Repair and Cleaning 

Stubborn pool stains on your tile, concrete, fiberglass, and other areas are tough to reach and clean. If left alone they could become permanent until you have your pool completely rebuilt. Not only are they annoying, but they take away from your pool’s appeal. Don’t ignore tough pool stains; Las Vegas Best Pool company offers deep cleaning acid washing and chlorine washing to get rid of your toughest stains. Your pool will look as great as it did when it was first installed when we take care of it.

Over time tile grows mold and mildew and can become cracked from the sun and heavy use. Grout chips away and becomes stained, making your pool look much older than it actually is. Restore your pool with Las Vegas Pool Service’s tile care services. We can repair, replace, and clean any tile surface your pool has. From tough stains to missing grout, we can make your pool tile surfaces looking great. Please feel free to call us 702-903-3001

If the concrete work is out of our scope we can refer you to our sister company Las Vegas Best Pavers, who can handle all your paving and paver needs. 

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las vegas pool service

Splash pools

Many homes here in Las Vegas don’t have the room for a large swimming pool. When you still want to beat the summer heat, you can still keep cool in a splash pool. Splash pools are compact and can keep you refreshed as either a splash pad with water sprinklers and misters or as a small pool that makes for a great relaxing evening. When you hire Las Vegas Best Pool Service for your splash pool needs, you’re getting the same great service we offer for full-sized pools. Whether you want a new splash pool built, regular maintenance, or to have your existing splash pool restored, our Pool Maintenance Service does it all! 

Las Vegas Best Pool Service

We offer complete pool service. You won’t have to find separate cleaning and maintenance companies when you call us. We have only the best and experienced pool care technicians ready to take care of it all:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Salt Water Pools
  • Chlorine Pools
  • Cleaning
  • Pump Repairs
  • Tile Cleaning and Replacement
  • Deep Cleaning and Acid Wash
  • Filters
  • Splash Pools
  • And more!

Las Vegas Best Pool Service also offers our best service to commercial pools as well. When you get a company that treats commercial pools as well as your pool at home, you know you’re getting the VIP treatment. Call us today for a free quote (702) 903-3001


Proper filtration is key to keeping a great looking pool. When your filter fails, the water stops circulating, becoming cloudy and breeding algae. Whether it’s a clogged cartridge, sand or other material needing to be replaced, or faulty equipment, your pool needs to keep running the right way. Don’t let your pool turn green because of bad filtration. Call Las Vegas Best Pool Service to get it back up and running. 

Salt Water Pools

We handle all aspects of cleaning and maintaining Salt water pools. Almost any pool can be converted to a salt water pool. Not only is it easier on your skin, but they are cheaper and easier to regularly maintain. You’ll be using fewer chemicals and keeping your pool looking clean. With a new system installed you’re on your way to pool that feels as great as looks. And when you couple your installation with our great regular service, your new salt water pool will stay looking great! 

Top Rated Pool Service

Don’t roll the dice with just any pool company. Call the reliable local choice. We guarantee you’ll get great complete Las Vegas Pool  Service at a price you can afford. No other pool care company in Las Vegas offers the quality of service or price. From installation to regular service, Las Vegas Best Pool Service does it all! Call us today
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